Simplest way To Root Asus Transformer on Honeycomb?

Asus Transformer is a tablet that can truly replace a netbook or ultra-portable laptop it is designed with a keyboard; it’s a slim, fairly light tablet with a great screen and touch screen. With the dock in-tow, it’s a typing demon whose battery will outlast almost any laptop you can find. Rooting is actually about accessing the System files of your Android Phone. By rooting your Device you can access the System files, Install Custom Rom Files and also install Third Party applications. This will make your Tablet more attractive and amazing features. Rooting will neither unlocks your Android phone nor will make Android Market free. It simply allows you to run applications such as Titanium Backup, Shootme etc. as well as uninstall system applications like MediaScape or install system applications such as the updated custom honeycomb, YouTube application and many other Applications.

Pre-root Instructions:

This will VOID your warranty

This is a Factory-Reset for your Tablet. So you can Sync your Contacts with Google Contact service or Backup rest of messages, Phone by using MyBackup Pro. Alternatively, you can move them to SD card as rooting will have no effect on SD settings and files.

Proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible if your device gets bricked or damaged during the process. But there are very minor chances of bricking your Xoom by this method.

This is strictly for the persons who have already upgraded their Acer Transformer running Honeycomb.

Before proceeding Please ensure that your tablet has at least 50% battery so that it can’t interrupt the rooting process.

Firewall and other antivirus programs should be disabled during the rooting process.


Download the file from here

Copy it to the root of your SD card.

Switch off your Tablet.

Switch it on while holding power button and the volume down key simultaneously.

Boot in recovery mode (RCK)

“” will be automatically flash and will restart your Device after it finish.

Viola! You have successfully rooted Asus Transformer on Honeycomb.

Don’t forget to delete the file from SD card.

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william said...

This is not working on ( - 0429)...any other options thatis easy....please advise!

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