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The thing which I loved most about my Android phone is that I can customize it beyond the limits. Previously we told you about customizing messaging, launching screen, custom ROMs, themed apps and many such kind of apps for your Android phone. The best thing about these apps was that you can customize it to high end for example in case of messaging you can customize the color even the font of each and every contact in your Messaging list separately. But today we are going to customize the Phone dialer on your Android Phone. Yeah even we did a lot of themed app such as Go launcher, win 7 themes but the Phone Dialer was same all the time.

So, now you can customize your Phone Dialer by using a great app Angel Dialer. This app is developed by XDA-developer thinkpanda and the thing which you will surely love about this app is that it is free of cost and easily available in Android Market. This quick dialer will let you dial your Friends or family numbers with just a tap and very quickly. Angel dialer has very fast dialing speed as well.
Let’s come to the Salient features of this amazing app.

Salient Features:

T9 keypad quick search
– Blazingly fast contact searching
– Minimize taps to get the job done
– Maximize screen space to show search result
– Multitouch keypad for faster input of numbers

Four views : search view, call log view, contacts view, and favourite view
– Show all phone numbers of contact in one place (click the thumbnail)
– Display custom phone and email type of Google contacts
– Long click contacts to show contextual options.
– Share contacts as text or vCard.
– Support adding pause to phone numbers
– Two color schemes-

Search contacts by whole word or first character of words
– Search contacts with Latin, Cyrillic, Greek or Hebrew alphabets, and Chinese phonetic (Hanzi Pinyin, MPS or Cantonese)
– Both contact name and phone number are searched
– Wild card search phone number and contact name (e.g Enter “123*4? match phone number “12399444?)
– Filter contact list or search result by contact groups. (Please press “Menu” button)
– Search mode for entering keyword directly.
– Landscape mode
– Open Voice mailbox

Angel Dialer has received many good reviews from users at Android market that are due to its full screen search Options and many others.

You can download it from Android Market.

Or can follow the Developers XDA page here


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