review of the iFuzen HP-1 for iPhone 4, a battery pack with a twist

iFuzen review of the iFuzen HP 1 for iPhone 4, a battery pack with a twistAnother contender to the Mophie ‘battery pack’ crown steps up as the iFuzen HP-1 for the iPhone 4 offers much of the same features but with an extra twist. The iFuzen is not only a battery case but also a headphone splitter, and amplifier with different sound modes. With its sleek look and a new revise on current amenities in the market, is the case worth the buy over competitors?

After doing the unboxing of the product, I found its presentation on par with most of the top brands in the market. Inside a mini-usb to USB sync and charge cable, instructions, and the case itself. A blacked out finish on the case tickled my fancy as I slid the iPhone in place and stamped down the top clip. Fits well, tightly in place I thought. I went ahead and synced the mini-USB to my computer and to my pleasant surprise the charge only took 3-4 hrs. before I noticed the snazzy back LED showed a full charge.

Now charged I headed out for my experiment of a ‘weekend with the iFuzen.’ Admittedly, it took time for me to adjust to the cases now 1/2 inch extension over the footer of the phone. I turned on the numeric battery option (jailbreak sbsettings) to better monitor the charging. Whenever I saw the iPhone come close to 100% I switched the charging off to conserve the battery. By Monday morning the battery pack had 50% battery life left according to the LED status, and my iPhone still charged over 70%. The iPhone 4 battery life is quite well on it’s own so this may not be a priority accessory if you are not a hardcore user as I wasn’t that weekend. If tethering the internet, streaming, or even playing tunes on the go, the  iFuzen could be your best friend.

The extra feature of the headphone splitter, and amplifier is a nice add-on that I tested out, but have not had to use in a real-world scenario yet. The amplify feature did come in handy when I annoyed the co-workers with my tunes by using the case in conjunction with the iMainGo X speaker. Something you could keep in mind when considering the abilities of buying the iFuzen battery pack.  Here is the official features from iFuzen.

Proprietary Auzentech Headphone AmplifierDual Headphone Output port to share your listening with your friendsZX-Driver provides Ultra-Low Distortion and Max 180mW output powerJ-FET OP-AMP to provide Vacuum Tube like sound outputProprietary Auzentech Balanced Power SupplySound Mode, Selector button & Status IndicatorTouch panel volume controlUnique & compact design to match your iPhone 4 lookImpressive 1650mAH Li-Polymer battery with Smart protection circuit4-Steps LED battery life meter and battery life check buttonCharge via USB port (from desktop PC or Laptop) with supplied USB cableSupports USB pass through, iTunes SyncLast up to 500 full charges


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