The I-Cade Review – Why You Should Buy Yours Now

The iPad is a great device for gaming but the lack of any buttons means you’re for the most part restricted to touch screen gaming. While it can work for some, touch screen gaming is pretty limiting for most hardcore gamers who like to play games that require lightening quick reflexes and etc. You’re in luck as we had a chance to check out the I-Cade. This little arcade dock for the iPad gives you a joystick and 8 buttons to enjoy games to their fullest.

For those of you who don’t know, the icade began as an April Fool’s joke back in 2010 from thinkgeek. Fortunately, the idea was so popular and customer demand was so high that it eventually became a real product (unlike the Pandaran Express from World of Warcraft which I really wanted… C’mon people!).

The dock comes with rechargeable batteries and is not actually a “dock” because it interacts with the iPad through blue tooth. The I-cade is produced by Ion Audio. As for the games however, you should be pleased to know that Atari is promising a huge library of games for the I-Cade in the making. Also, the company plans on releasing a developer kit for iPad developers.

Perhaps you’ll be able to play Angry Birds 2 with a joystick and buttons! For those of you with precious desk real estate, the iPad is cabinet style which means you can store all your gear inside its hallow body.

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