iPhone 4 White review vs Black, the Pros and Cons

iphone 4 white vs iPhone 4 black1 iPhone 4 White review vs Black, the Pros and Cons
The ever elusive white iPhone 4 has finally released, just weeks short of a year since its originally planned launch date. If you’re in the market to ‘upgrade’ from black to white (disposable income much?) or you’re looking to get a new iPhone 4, then you should consider these slight differences in the colors.

The Pros

It’s cool, trendy, ‘Hipster-ish? That could be a pro or con, but hey it definitely screams brand new toy! The fact that Apple also had much more time to research and develop a cloned white brother to the black version should mean extended research to stomp out any small bugs in the original iPhone 4 hardware and assembly, but none are reported as of now. Though it has been rumored that the white iPhone 4 does carry a smaller proximity sensor to make for better stability, it is unverified as of now..

The Cons

It’s not officially stated by Apple themselves yet, it is very obvious the new White iPhone is definitely fatter. whitephonethick 150x150 iPhone 4 White review vs Black, the Pros and ConsThe official Apple specifications  page now reads: “Actual size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process. Meaning white iPhones are the fatties in the family, and yes that is the legal term. The packed on pounds are likely due to what Senior VP of Apple, Phil Schiller’s stated about white manufacturing issues causing the delay:

It’s not as simple as making something white. There’s a lot more that goes into both the material science of it–how it holds up over time…but also in how it all works with the sensors.

Extra sensor padding? Either way, after hearing this do you really want to be the test for Shiller’s theory? The proximity sensor issue was a huge issue with many iPhone 4 consumers on launch. Since the release faded with iOS updates proving it was a software issue. Could we see the return of lost bars in the coming months on the White iPhone 4 though? Who knows.. Also if you are in a dark area you will notice light escaping the sides of the white iPhone. May look cool, but small hardware leaks like this may cause unforeseen issues in the future as hinted by Apple themselves. One more thing to consider.. You’re paying the same price for  technology 10 months after its release, and only a short period prior to the release of its predecessor the iPhone 5 that is guaranteed to blow your new white friend in to oblivion.


Yup, the cons do look to out-weigh the pros heavily for us.. Sorry Apple, we still love you, but unless we are in need of a new iPhone all together and inpatient to wait a few short months or filthy rich, it’s not recommended..

Here are some other (SATIRE) rumored pros and cons to consider:

White iPhone 4 Pros:
Get out of police tickets easier.
Very punctual and respectful.
Appreciates Wine.

White iPhone 4 Cons:
Can’t dance unless counting in head. 1 and 2 and 1 and 2..
Not very good at Basketball, Football, or most athletic sports really.
Enjoys Nascar while drinking Natty Ice…
Appreciates Wine.

If you have any rumored Pros and Cons feel free to contribute below, but remember we are moderating.



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