Protect iPhone Folders, Setting and more with FolderLock [Video Added]

If you want to completely secure your iPhone from others to get into your personal stuff, then FolderLock might be the app you should be looking for. With this app you can lock settings, so that others cannot change them and even restrict others to access the apps running in the background.

FolderLock1 Protect iPhone Folders, Setting and more with FolderLock [Jailbreak Required]

This app is very simple to use. Once the app is installed, you can block access to folders, spotlights search and background app switching. You can do this by setting password on System Preferences of your iPhone settings. You can also choose between the options (folder, spotlight etc.) that you would like to restrict.

FolderLock2 Protect iPhone Folders, Setting and more with FolderLock [Jailbreak Required]

After you have configured the settings, the folder you have blocked will require a password to open. We recommend that if you choose a password for this app, you should write it down and keep it in a safe place too. Because, if you forget the password then you would probably have to restore your iPhone. As this app is not available yet, so we have no words to say that an uninstall of this app will fix this problem.

This app will soon be available from the BigBoss repository and will cost you $1.59. If you buy this app this might give you a sense of security in case if any other person is using your iPhone. You will need to jailbreak in order to use this app. To jailbreak your iPhone via sn0wbreeze follow this guide and for Redsn0w follow the guide posted here.

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