Speed Up Now Your iPhone with Speed Intensifier

If your iPhone is working slow and you want it to work faster, off course you can wait and get iPhone 5, but that’s not coming before this summer. But, there is an app that could speed up your iPhone. ‘ Speed Intensifier‘ is an app that speed up the performance of your iPhone by removing or making iOS animations short. To use this app you need to have a jailbroken device.

To install Speed Intensifier on your iPhone.

1. Go to Cydia->Manage
2. Select Sources->Edit and add a source “http://repo.insanelyi.com
3. Search for Speed Intensifier.
4. Install the app and the Add-on.

Speed Intensifier Speed Up Your iPhone with Speed Intensifier [Cydia Tweak]

Here is what the Add-on does, according to the iPhone Download Blog:

The add-on’s description states that it breaks the limitations that Apple imposes on the device to save your battery. It will make your iPhone’s processors operate as if it is plugged into the wall charging. The add-on should show up in Winterboard as 3 options: SI Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si overclock.

Speed of iPhone can be adjusted from the Setting app. You can also disable the app.

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