iSkin earTones headset Review (Video)

iskin eartones earphones1 iSkin earTones headset Review (Video)
Looking to buy some new affordable earphones for your smartphone or media player? Well here’s one of the options available on the market at a decent retail price ($39.99). Introducing the Eartones from iSkin, a well known manufacture in the mobile phone accessory market. The headset comes with the standard features you would find on the Apple earphones, including built-in remote, and mic. The kicker though is on top of that the ear has flexible fitting joints by the earpiece that can bend to any ear structure. The way they do this is they use ‘Microban’ materials which is also healthy for sharing your earphones as most of us do. Since the material redacts any odor, fungus, stain, or bacteria you are unlikely to catch any ear infections or sicknesses from the Eartones. Germophobes exhale.

During the Eartones hands-on comparison to my Apple iPhone headset and my Bose earphones I found both pros and cons to each. For the Eartones I noticed a little more of depth to the audio then my default Apple headset. If you are an audiophile however you’re better off with a more expensive headset like Bose ($129.99). The add of the ‘clicker’ and mic on the Eartones is a welcomed feature, but it is missing the volume buttons as I have on my Apple earphones. The flexing of the earpieces on the Eartones also is an intresting feature but not a must buy feature. Overall for the price I feel it is of worthy value and recommend as a mid-range headset for the avid gym enthusiast like myself. Check out my first thoughts as I unboxed below.

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