Scosche Kickback G4 for iPhone 4 Review

If you like watching movies or shows on the go like I do then you know what a hassle it could be holding your iPhone up to watch. Well now there’s cases like the Scosche kickback G4 on the market for your iPhone 4 that will pop out a kickstand to save your arm. Scosche has proven itself as a top case manufacture in the market but do they have another win on their hands?

Lets start off with the pros of this case. It is a standard protective polycarbonate case but with some style as it has a gloss finish over it to give it that smooth shiny look. All ports are easily accessible and still work with all my different inputs which was a big plus for me personally. The innovative kickstand built in the case is very durable and has been very useful when ‘kicking back’ with Netflix and youtube. Unlike most cases this will work with both Verizon & AT&T versions of the iPhone 4

Now on to the Cons.. Just a week prior I had a chance to try out the competitors case, ‘The iChair.’ The protection of the iChair is superior, but the main function of the kickstand was not as durable as the Scosche’s kickback. The iChair though is also capable of going into portrait mode, something the Kickback does not posses, but I will admit I never found myself using unless showing off phone on a surface.
Overall I would say it’s a case of style (Scosche) vs protection (iChair), and to be honest I’m good to my iPhone so I use the Scoshce more so. Here’s my first thoughts on the case.

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