How to comment anonymously on Facebook. Step by step Guide

Google Chrome is growing up day by day to cope with its competitor Mozilla Firefox, Safari Web Browser and other Browser. Facebook is the most leading social Networking website, many blogs now-a-days use the Facebook comments under the comment section of their website. We, at maboot also use the same thing. However, we have found a great plug in for your Google chrome that will help you guys to comment anonymously in Facebook and even 3 other websites. This plug-in will change your Original name with any fruit name such as banana, raspberry, apple, cherry and some other.
Defaceable is free to use and add a Defaceable button just next to the comment button.

This plug-in is absolutely free of cost and the best thing about it; it will allow you to comment under status of Different friends, Pages and Blogs. However, it will not let you to comment anonymously in a closed group. This might be due to the security reasons.

Download Links:Google Chrome Download HereDefaceable Download HereInstructions:

Download Google Chrome and install it on your PC

Go to the Defaceable Download link and Click on install for Chrome

A pop Up will be shown, Click on OK and it will install Defaceable on your Google Chrome.

After installation, restart your Browser and Open Facebook

Here, you will see a ‘Deface’ button next to ‘Share’ button

Click on it, instead your Name a fruit name with a display picture of that fruit will be shown.

After commenting, hit enter and your comment will be added.

You can Click on that fruit and it will redirect you to the Defaceable website, where you can see the trending Topics and Other fruits as well :P

If you find any problem, do comment here we will surely help you.

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