A Guide to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Rooting is to access the System files. By rooting your LG optimus 2x you can access the System files, Install Custom Rom Files and also install Third Party applications. This will make your Phone more attractive and amazing features. Rooting will neither unlocks your Android phone nor will make Android Market free. It simply allows you to run applications such as Titanium Backup, Shootme etc. as well as uninstall native applications or install system applications such as the updated Gingerbread, YouTube application and many other Applications.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was an easy target for developers to root it and they have been successful in rooting it in no time. ‘Birdman’ is the man who introduced this simple tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with very simple steps.

Before proceeding you must have the following things:


ADB must be set up on your PC.

Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Tab, Alternatively you can install Kies that will automatically install Drivers for Galaxy Tab.

Rooting Tool Download Here


Connect Galaxy Tab with your PC via USB Cable.

Download the Rooting tool.

Open the Command Prompt and change directory to Downloaded rooting tool folder (cd command).

Enter the following commands;

adb push allidoiswin.zip /sdcard/allidoiswin.zip

adb reboot recovery

It will take your Galaxy Tab to recovery mode.

In the ‘Recovery mode’, go to ‘apply update from /sdcard’ and then select the allidoiswin.zip file.

Viola! That’s it! You have rooted your S

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Firasath said...

after entering this command 'adb reboot recovery' it doesnt go to recovery mode but just shows me rechargin?

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