The Google Click Through Rate (CTR) On Top 10 Search Results

Have you even noticed the increase in traffic when your website, blog’s url lies on first page of Google search? Although this is not an easy task to get yourself on top searches as it needs a time to make that much worth against your website, blog. or likely you have much outstanding article with best keyword may gives you a chance to reside on first page search.

What Is The Difference Getting On First Page of Google Search?

I was just reading the content with an infographic image at Labnol and found it help for many webmasters an SEO’s. Optify [PDF] had made a strong research and reveled that 36.4% of users like to click on your website/blog if it lies on number one page of Google search, and unluckily pages which resides on page number two of Google search, the click through rate (CTR) lowers by 12.5%, which is really too low. The report also verifies the average click through rate on being page number one is 8.9% which lowers down to 1.5% for sites on page number two.


The infographic made by Search Engine Watch who have transformed all the CTR data into a useful infographic [PDF] to help you understand more better. If you are a webmaster or SEO in an organization this might help you giving them a boost to increase traffic and revenue.

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