10 Killer iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

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Pets are the universe’s gifts to the mankind. They can not only entertain us and bring joy to our homes, they may even add a few years to our lives. Of course, every pet owner needs to take good care of his/her pet to make sure it stays healthy and happy at all times. Your iPhone can help. There are plenty of decent applications that let you better take care of your pets. These 10 pet applications for iPhone can help pet owners do a better job doing that:

MyPetED: a perfect tool to have to take better care of your pet. It can find you a vet or help you look for your lost little friend. The log feature and health articles are big pluses.

Pet Acoustics: a handy application you can take advantage of to relax your cat or dog. It can reduce your pet’s stress level.

Pets Next Door: a super entertaining community for pet owners. If you own a cute pet, there is no reason not to create a profile for it using this app.

Pet First Aid: it never hurts to be prepared to handle emergency situations with your pet. This app has a wealth of information on your pet. It includes articles, videos, and demonstrations to show you how to take better care of your ill pet.

Dog Whistler: a simple but effective tool for dog owners to take advantage of to teach their pets new tricks. It has over 15 sound patterns and multiple frequencies.

PawTrotter: a comprehensive database of pet related businesses. Pet lovers can take advantage of this app to find pet friendly hotels, pet stores, hospitals, and other general pet service providers.

PetVet for iPhone: have an ill pet but don’t know what could be wrong? This app helps you figure out what could be wrong and what you can do about it.

Pet Notebook for iPhone: an information organizer for your pets. Lets you store your pets’ pictures, age, medications, and other relevant info on your phone.

iKnow Dogs HD+: a breed reference guide for dog lovers. It has hundreds of dog photos. Its quiz game is pretty entertaining too.

Petfinder.com: want to adopt a pet in your area? PetFinder.com lets you browse through pet listings based on age, breed, gender, and size. Provides you with the information you need to start the adoption process.

What’s your favorite iPhone application for pets?

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