Some more SEO Ranking Factors

Some more SEO Ranking Factors

Posted by Arafath Hashmi on May 20, 2011 in SEO Tips · 1 Comment

It was just a few days back I have written a post on ” 10 Factors Influence Search Engine Rankings “. Now there are some more discussion left on these factors, this post help you in understanding the Google algorithm easily. How Google search works ?, How Google determine search engine rankings ?. So let’s start the SEO ranking Factors discussion, please there is a request here, please share your opinions and suggestions on the ranking factors…

I wanted to see this post as a healthy knowledge for everyone…

If you study the Google algorithm than you can learn that Google uses

1) Anchor text,

2) Target URL

3) Page title

To find the “subject” of the page. Than it measures the value of the page content on the determined “subject” to give the page a score. (Note that by combining words from 1,2 and 3, multiple subject and multiple scores generated)

seo factors Some more SEO Ranking Factors

Used meta keyword can focus this “subject” but are NOT necessary. Meta Description (if exists) will be shown in Google results, and must be correct when used.
Note : no description won’t harm your score. It only affects your appearance in Google and therefore infects your Google click trough rate.

Misuse of the title tag will harm the most, but (external) anchor text will gain the most. So external anchor text will be the most scoring factor!!!

If your focus on exact keyword (or key phrase) will be consequent in 1,2 and 3 this will give a shorter permutation list of “subjects” and therefore has a higher score on the keyword used.

So this is all about “Some more SEO Ranking Factors”, do drop your comments in the below section.

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