Create your Own Advanced Calculator

Create your Own Advanced Calculator

Posted by Arafath Hashmi on May 9, 2011 in Tips · 1 Comment

You might have Windows default Calculator, which is anyway advanced, if you don’t like that CalC or its way of looking and want to create your own and simple Calc with advanced functionality ( You can do unlimited numbers calculation ). Then you must look in to this… And it is very fast and simple interface, you can create this calc using below code, all you have to do is….

advanced calculator Create your Own Advanced Calculator

Just open Notepad, and paste the below code in to the notepad and Save it as calc.bat. Remember not to forgot the .bat extension.

@echo off
title Batch Calculator by
color 1f
echo ————————————————————–
echo Welcome to Batch Calculator by
echo ————————————————————–
set /p udefine=
set /a udefine=%udefine%
echo = %udefine%
echo ————————————————————–
echo Previous Answer: %udefine%
goto top

Do you like create your own advanced calculator, please let me know your comments in the below section…

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