ipad 2 jailbreak coming in 3 weeks?

Here is some Cool news for all the people who are waiting for ipad 2 jailbreak, Now after long wait well-know iPhone developer @Veeence has made announcement on Twitter that ipad 2 jailbreak will be available in 3 Weeks.

Veeence ipad 2 jailbreak coming in 3 weeks?

The recent  tweet which led to this news:

It’ll likely work on the iPad 2G as well, as soon as it gets jailbroken. Rough ETA is about 3 weeks, according to @p0sixninja.

As we know that p0sixninja of Chronic-Dev team is Working on ipad 2 jailbreak and Now its Look like He has Done the ipad 2 jailbreak and it will be available in 3 Weeks.

Earlier this month, p0sixninja challenged Geohotz to provide the iPad 2 jailbreak before him. The reason for such an open challenge was to motivate himself to work harder on jailbreak.

Stay Tune with us For More Details, We will update you with more information about ipad 2 jailbreak.

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