10 Tips for SEO Beginners

10 Tips for SEO Beginners

Posted by Arafath Hashmi on May 9, 2011 in SEO Tips · 1 Comment

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) includes of many things, mastering this subject and learning more deep secrets is a hard process, most of you want to learn it, but I know the only problem is ” Where to start ? “. This is a common problem for 90% of webmasters and geeks, here I have the answer for it. Yes, this is a 10 points step by step procedure for all the SEO beginners and the starter webmasters. This is the best and simple way to start your SEO work, whether it is your personal website or clients.

Here this is my real-time experience while dealing with the new clients, this is a basic steps we need to follow in the beginning stage. This 10 tips include and starts from browser add-on to press releases. Everything is given clearly and easily for you, I have written this article for a basic SEO beginner and a professional.

seo tips 10 Tips for SEO Beginners

This article model is most suitable for business websites and blogs ( WordPress, Blogger etc ), let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on this article.

SEO Beginners Tips :

Step 1: Install SEO Plugin

Make sure you install Firefox browser and SEO plugin before you do anything else.

Step 2: Find Good Keywords

Use Google Keyword Tool to find 2 or 3 word keywords that have high searches but low competition.  Go through each keyword comparing the results using Firefox SEO plugin result.

Step 3: Buy Keyword Domain

Buy a keyword domain.  .com is preferable but if not, buy .net or .org or even .ca.  If they are all taken, buy your domain with ‘-’ in between words.

Step 4: Create A Blog

Create your WordPress blog in minutes.  Make sure you change all the basic settings.

Step 5: On page Optimization

Insert keywords in Title, headline, post title, 1st, 2nd and last sentence, body(2-4% saturation), pic file name, widget names.

Step 6: Offsite Optimization

Submit your feed to iGoogle, My Yahoo, My MSN.

Step 7: Let Big G Trust Your Blog

Try to create  some educational backlinks from .edu pages. ( Please try this at your own risk, it is most effective method but also some time result in Ban).

Step 8: Get Authority Backlinks

Use this list of 20 authority sites to create backlinks pointing to your site.

Step 9: Press Release Your Contents

This is another ranking booster.  Use my list of 12 FREE press release sites to release your contents and create powerful backlinks.

Step 10: Fresh content

Always write fresh and unique content, search engines always like fresh content.

This is all about 10 tips for SEO Beginners, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments section below.

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