Play Angry Birds on any Browser

Play Angry Birds on any Browser

Posted by Arafath Hashmi on May 20, 2011 in Tips · 0 Comment

Angry Birds is a free iPhone game, it is very popular among the iPhone application games. Also it is very popular as a Windows and Mac tiny games. Now you don’t have to install nor have to download. Angry Birds is now available as online game, and it is also available as Chrome’s application. So this means you can play Angry birds even offline. It great icon smile Play Angry Birds on any Browser . May be this is a late news but thought I can share with you.

angry birds online Play Angry Birds on any Browser

Angry Birds Online and on Any Browser :

1) Angry Birds Chrome Plugin Download.

2) Play Angry birds on any browser Online at

Do you like angry birds, tell how is your experience with this new Chrome application in the comments section below.

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