Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Review: Much-Improved Graphics, Similar Gameplay

After skipping a release last year, a new Tiger Woods game just came out in the App Store.   The iOS version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12  was recently release, bringing more of the same mobile golfing action with a few new features that you might find enticing.

The main strength of the original Tiger Woods on the iPhone was its gameplay and that continues on through this iteration.  A few refinements have been thrown in here and there, but it remains primarily the same as the original.

The main part of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 remains the career mode, which has you competing in various tournaments for cash, which you can then use to both improve your skills and enter subsequent tournaments.  They also added a new Challenge mode, which has you competing in multiple mini-challenges that make for fun pickup games; a Closest to the Pin mode for competing with Facebook friends regarding which ones can get closest to a hole.  Multiplayer over Bluetooth and WiFi is supported for both the career and challenge modes.

Graphics are a definite step up from the original game, with marked improvements in appearance for almost every aspect of the visuals.   You also get more options in golf courses (8), more athletes to play with (8) and a character create mode.  The commentary is still better muted, though, but it's a small downside to an otherwise tremendous effort.

While the gameplay only marks a slight upgrade from the original;, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 still comes across as a big improvement to the mobile golfing franchise.  It's available from the App Store now, priced at $6.99.


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