PlugShare: Find EV Charging Points Using Your iPhone

Electric cars may be awesome.  Driving one, however, is hardly a dream, given how difficult it will be to "fill up" when that limited battery charge begins trickling down while you're in transit.  A new app for the iPhone called PlugShare might be able to help.

Developed by Xatori, Inc., the app is intended to give EV drivers a chance to help each other out by marking available charging points across a map.  It's not just dedicated to public plug-in stations, either -- some helpful fellow with an outlet in his driveway can help out fellow EV users by marking his location, too.

PlugShare uses a Google Map overlaid with icons that show places where you can charge.  The map display is simple and straightforward, with different icons used for varying types of charging spots: standard household plugs, privately owned J1772 stations, and public and commercial charging points.   You can navigate using the map, as well as  search by zip code or address.

Tapping on an icon shows the listing for it, which displays the address and station type.  From there, you can simply tap on a button to get on-map directions from where you currently.  There's no facility for adding pictures of the place, though, which could have been helpful.

I don't drive electric, so PlugShare isn't of much use for me.  If I did, though, this app will be a definite addition to my iPhone, since it does the job as required.  Plus, it's free, making for a really solid value proposition.


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