PictureShow 3.0 For iPhone Sports Clean Design, Plenty Of Options

If you're looking for more apps to include in your camera collection for the iPhone, PictureShow 3.0 might prove to be an exciting addition.  Offering a clean layout and plenty of camera styles to play around with, it can truly make shooting stills on your smartphone a much more rewarding experience.

While I'm obviously late to the party (yep, I only tried the app recently), it's easily the best photo editor I have in my roster for turning out images with funky tones and vintage effects.  With 21 frame styles, 10 light effects and10 noise effects that you can mix quickly (even randomly with one button), you can turn up downright amazing-looking stills in no time.

PictureShow comes with 37 predefined photo filters, which automatically turns your erstwhile standard digital images into fancy photographs that look like it was shot with  film on one of those toy cameras.  The current roster of filters include Lomo (mimics a Lomography tone), Holga (a Holga tone), Instant (photo looks like an instamatic shot), Noire (a black and white noir-ish tone) and more.

Additional stylistic looks can be achieved by adding TiltShift and HDR functions, as well as five different camera lens styles.   Seriously, the results are so impressive, you could fool your parents into thinking you've actually got lensman talents if you do.  Might work for getting them to buy you expensive camera gear (or get you whacked in the head, in case they figure out your fib).

Aside from the fancy shooting and editing talents, PictureShow 3.0 has good support for online sharing, letting you quickly upload your photos to Twitter, FaceBook, Tumblr, Flickr and Blogger (by the way, a whack in the head to you if you still use Blogger).  It's available from the App Store, priced at $1.99.


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