Lane Splitter Review: Mindless Fun Is Still Fun

Games on the iPhone are getting better than ever.  Unfortunately, the amount of free time I have for enjoying them isn’t growing, so mindless arcade pick-up games remain my favorite App Store downloads.  And Lane Splitter is definitely a gem of the mindless bunch.

As the title suggests, the game is all about lane splitting.  You drive a speeding motorcycle in the highway -- zig-zagging between cars, leaving them behind and, generally, pissing off motorists on the road.  Basically, you play as that guy you sometimes imagine nudging while you're driving your car but never actually do since that's probably, at the very least, a manslaughter charge waiting to happen.

Lane Splitter uses the iPhone's tilt controls to let you steer your ride, with scores given based on how many cars you successfully pass before figuring in an accident.   You can also touch the screen to make the onscreen character do a wheelie, which will speed you up but should make managing the bike a lot more difficult.  Graphics are decent and the background changes when you hit new locales, but it's nothing special.

The game starts you out with just a few cars on the road, then gets progressively more difficult with heavy traffic and car drivers that seem to enjoy changing lanes a lot.   That is, until you finally crash and start over. There's really no depth at all beyond that, but isn't that the point of mindless pick-up arcade titles?

You can download Lane Splitter from the App Store, priced at 99 cents.

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