Nokia E7

Nokia have been working hard over the last couple of months to make sure that their customers know that the Symbian OS, their current main operating system, is by no means finished. This came after the news that next year Nokia will begin a partnership with computer giants Microsoft that will see Windows 7 Phone replace Symbian as their preferred platform.

This led to loads of speculation that the end of Symbian was in sight, given that the platform has been a bit of a mixed bag for Nokia with several of Nokia’s smart phones performing poorly but some, notably last year’s success story the Nokia N8, doing extremely well. No wonder they are not in a massive rush to ditch the operating system. The biggest and most obvious indication yet that there is still plenty to come from  Symbian and Nokia came this week with the launch of the new Nokia E6, a Blackberry lookalike smart phone that runs on the new Symbian Anna OS.


This new phone, as you may expect from its looks the E6 is aimed primarily at the business market and there are new features on Anna that relate directly to this. These include true enterprise grade security with hardware accelerated encryption so your details and contacts are extremely well protected. You also get plenty of new e mail features as Nokia have realized that this is one of the ways to be successful in the  business market. Research in Motion, developers of the Blackberry, have  long offered one of the best e mail services going and the E6 is aiming to emulate this. You also get a full QWERTY keyboard which makes writing lengthy e mails and messaging far easier.

Speaking of messaging, the E6 also has all of the latest Microsoft messaging services that you can get on few other newly released mobile phones. These include Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint so it looks as if Blackberry may actually have a genuine competitor on their hands.

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