6 Helpful iPhone Apps for Back Pain

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So you suffer from back pain and have no idea how you can reduce or completely get rid of your pain? Not all back pains are easy to deal with. In some cases, you may have to do major surgeries to correct the issues your back may be dealing with. Staying informed on what may be causing your back pain is a good place to start. Trying a few back exercises to improve your posture and reduce pressure on your back can help too. These 6 iPhone apps can help you with those:

BackDoctor: in some cases you may be able to reduce your back pain with some simple exercises. This app can help you strengthen your back and reduce your chances of experiencing back pain in the future.

Healthy Backs: if you have back pain, Yoga could be your best friend. This app has videos and step-by-step instructions to help you reduce tension in your body and strengthen it too.

Pain Free Back: a back pain discovery program that helps you identify what your problem could be and provides you with exercises to address those issues.

BackCare: a free application that helps you gather information about your back issues to share with your doctor. It has useful fact sheets on how certain activities such as driving or exercising could lead to back pain.

Mayo Clinic Back pain solutions: includes an integrated health action plan to help you identify your issues, change your lifestyle to reduce/manage your pain, and add Yoga/meditation to your daily life to keep your body and mind balanced and healthy.

Relief Backache: if you have tried everything and want to get your feed wet with some healing sounds, this app has you covered. Worth checking out though don’t expect miracles.

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