Lima: Browser-Based Cydia Alternative

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Anyone who has jailbroken their iPhone in the past knows too well about Cydia and the applications available through that store. Cydia has been around for quite some time and given many developers the chance to bring their creations to the market by going around Apple’s restrictions. Lima is a new project by Infini Dev Team that aims to complement and maybe even replace the current third party application installers for iPhone.

Unlike most application installers, Lima will be browser based. That means users can just use their iPhone browsers to add applications and extensions to their phones. The idea behind Lima is pretty solid. From the above video, we can tell it is not that hard to use. It does seem the folks behind Lima will block top repositories that include pirated copies of applications.

Lima is very much a work in progress at this point. The developers have not offered an estimated time of arrival.

How would you improve it?

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