4 Reasons Why You Must Not Allow Registration In Blogs

Do you know? Allowing registration in your blog will cause a pain in your head! There are some disadvantages you have to face if you start allowing registration in your blog. Ofcourse most of them allow their users to register for an account because it is one the easiest way to allow guest blogging.

So many bloggers allow registration, they have some disadvantages which will won’t be knowing. In this post I will try to explain what are those disadvantages and they you should stop allowing users to registration for an account in your blog.

Update: You won’t face any of the following disadvantages if you are allowing only subscriber registration

1. Your Post Topic Can Be Stolen
When someone registers for an account no matter what account type it is, they can see posts drafted by others including administrator’s draft posts. Actually they can’t see the content of the post but they can see the post’s topic. If you have drafted some unique topic, then they might make use of the topic in their blog.

So your blog topics are stolen before you publish them !


2. Your Stats Will Be Revealed
When someone logs in to their account they will be taken to your dashboard. The dashboard the almost the same for contributors, administrators and all account types(except subscriber). They can see the no. of posts, comments, tags, spams and more information if there are some tabs added by plugins.

Some times you might not want to reveal the total no.of comments your blog has, but if you allow your users to register then it will be revealed !

3. Spammers Will Register
You will be happy when you see many people are rushing to register for an account, but after few days you will realize those are all spam bots which registered in your blog.

Actually I don’t know how they pass through captcha, may be they are too intelligent or it’s not a bot, maybe a human spammer.

4. Spam Post Will Be Published
Some spam registration will not do any harm, but some spammers will write some crap article that makes no sense at all and publish it! The post gets published, don’t know how a contributor does that without administrator’s approval. Looks like spammers play some tricks in there.

People like my who stays online for 24×7 can easily manage these problems! How can a blogger who comes online only to write article can manage these problems? So, they must stop allowing registration in their blog.

Hope this post was helpful :)

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