Asus teases with a joint Android Phone and Tablet, will reveal at Computex

Asus Joint Android Phone and Tablet

Asus having a great time with it’s economy Android Tablet Asus Eee Pad Transformer and looking forward to Computex Taipei starting next Monday where the company will introduce few more Android Devices. To get some attraction for upcoming devices Asus just started to tease Android lovers with some images. First we got a series of images leaked on TechinStyle, then a teaser on facebook which hang a little question: Pad or Phone? So we guess Asus got something on their bag which could be an Android Tablet with Phone functionality. Now have a very close look at images below (Click for larger view):

Asus Joint Android Phone and Tablet Asus Joint Android Phone and Tablet Asus Joint Android Phone and Tablet

The above images are quite interesting as the first image look different with aluminum frame while the other two images suggested matte and glossy plastic in the side. Now here is an idea, on the second image if you look closely it seems a devices laying down with the edge we noticed on the first image actually the Phone on a shell with bigger display which turns it into a Pad. On the third image there is a button which might use to release the Phone from the Pad. We have seen previously Motorola does same thing with a Laptop dock for Atrix 4G. Asus just bring a much better and cooler design with their asusdesign branding.

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