Anonymously Comments On Facebook

Yeah, you read it right. Now you can comment on Facebook Comments anonymously. There is a new Chrome Extension; Defaceable, which allows you to do so. Once you install this extension you can comment on Facebook and on other websites which uses Facebook comments.

According to TechCrunch this is how it works:

Defaceable works by parsing the html code and extracting the ID of the comments you’re looking at, checking against the Defaceable database for defacements it can show you.

Defaceable Comment Anonymously On Facebook Comments with Defaceable

Once you have installed the extension, you will see a ‘Deface’ label on the Facebook comment’s section. Click Deface and you are good to go. But sadly you can only use fruits as your disguised cover. After typing the comment, just hit the ‘Deface’ button.

You can download the Chrome Extension from here (you can only see the comments if you have installed the extension).

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