3D DESKTOP makes today’s multi tasker’s job easy . Its fun to flip our desktop from left to right and the vice versa . Linux has this feature as default , but its too sad to know that Windows still lacks this feature in default . 3D desktop is able to store different application windows on each side. Yet Another Desktop Manager 3D (yodo’m) is simple software that allows you to enjoy 3D desktop .  All you need to is just install the application and execute it . By opening this application , you would get a dialog box , which shows various options . You can customize your 3D desktop with these options . To rotate your Desktop , press ctrl+shift and use any arrow keys . It has 4 Desktops . each can be provided with induvidual wall papers and applications to run . It has zooming options . It makes us feel using a new window everytime . To download yodo’m click hereSpaces is yet another software similar to it . Download it by clicking here .


Enjoy your 3D Desktop , and share your views with us :-) :-) .

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