10 Accessories You Should Buy with iPad 2

iPad 2 as we know is among the most acknowledged devices from Apple. It rules on many hearts with its state-of-art design and distinctive features. Like many other portables devices from Apple, number of accessories from Apple and third parties have been released for iPad 2.

If you’re lucky enough to get iPad 2 or going to get one, then its time for you to buy some iPad 2 accessories to make the most out of your iDevice. Here we have listed some of the best iPad 2 accessories so you don’t have to go through hectic search on the web.

We also featured Apple iPad Smart Cover in our list of best iPad 2 cases. This one is a must to buy because it provides ultimate protection to your iDevice from dust and scratches.

Special magnets present in the Smart Cover help you in covering iPad 2 screen within seconds. You can also use the cover as a typing stand as well as Video and FaceTime stand.

Smart Cover will put your device to sleep on covering it and wake up when opened.

Price: $39

apple ipad2 cover 640 580x350 10 Accessories You Should Buy with iPad 2

Want to see your iPad 2 in action on your TV. By using Digital AV Adapter from Apple you can mirror your device screen on TV using HDMI cable. This will help you to watch movies, presentations and pictures on a bigger screen.

The 30-pin connector charges your iPad so it don’t run out of power during the video mirroring.

Price: $39

With Camera Connection Kit you can transfer photos and videos from your Camera to iPad 2 using SD Card of the Camera or by using USB Cable.

Price: $29

With sleek and stylish iPad 2 Dock, you can sync and charge your iDevice. The audio line out port helps you to connect with powered speakers using optional audio cable. It also supports Digital AV Adapter and Camera Connection kit.

Price: $29

The concept of Hanfree Stand is to use your iPad without using your hands. Imagine the ease of watching movies or using music sheet app or garage band app Hanfree. You can rotate the stand in any direction and take it anywhere such as your bedroom, kitchen or couch.

Price: $79.95

Although iPad 2 has a solid 10 hour battery life but you never know when it runs out of battery.  Morphie Juice Pack Powerstation will act as an external battery to charge your device. It works with many USB based Smartphones.

Price: $99.95

Now you can print your photos and documents on the fly directly from iPad 2 without using computer with AirPrint. AirPrint wirelessly prints from any room in the house.

Price: $99.95

You must be worried about the protection of your iPad 2 screen. This is where Zagg’s InvisibleShield comes in. With military grade patented material, this screen protector protects your device screen from wear and tear.

Price: $29 for front screen or back / $39 for both

Ever wanted to become an artist?  It’s time for your dream to come true. Nomad Brush is a paintbrush made from synthetic and natural fibers which is a perfect tool for drawing and painting on your iPad 2.

Price: $24

If you don’t feel comfortable using the native iPad keyboard then Apple wireless keyboard is the ultimate solution. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your iPad. Its slim and compact design makes it portable and easier to use.

Price: $69

keyboard wireless ipad 2 10 Accessories You Should Buy with iPad 2
Is there any other cool iPad 2 accessory we didn’t mention in the list? Do tell us about it in the comments section below.

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