Lightning Launcher v7.3.2 Apk App Free Dwonload

Lightning Launcher v7.3.2 Apk App Free Dwonload
Lightning Launcher v7.3.2 Apk App Free Dwonload

Lightning Launcher v7.3.2

 The Lightning Launcher is a fast, lightweight and fully customizable home screen replacement for Android.

 Main features:
 - Wide variety of possible configurations: grid, only one column, horizontal, vertical, free mounting, ...
 - Unlimited viewing adjustment: change labels, images, fonts, colors, alignment, size, and so on.
 - Innovative idea: the home screen is like an infinite surface where and graphics applications (widgets) can be placed anywhere with ANY WAY
 - Each item (application (app), shortcut (shortcut), graphics (widgets), ...) can be individually customized, scaled, peristefomeno or to improve legibility, or to gain some valuable pixels narrow layout or just for fun.
 - Support for advanced folders, which can contain widgets (widgets), and other files with complex organization. Each folder can be fully customized, starting from the layout to the visual theme.
 - Support for setting keys and gestures (gestures): connect the preferred action with your preferred key, start a custom application after conflict.
 - It was built from the ground up to be the most effective implementation of energy savings and most of RAM. The more you have more memory for your applications, the faster it will run, and your battery will last longer.
 - And many more still ...

 Moreover, Lightning Launcher is free, has no advertising, no license or access to web management (root). There is no full / professional (pro) / prime or HD version. All the power of Lightning is now available in a single, very small and terribly effective package. Even if you want to take a look at additional applications. Buying one of these will have some more additional luxury features. This will also help in the preservation of this application (app) to life ... and the programmer who is willing to do the best launcher (launcher).

 All comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome. Comments on App Store is difficult to use, please send your question / error (bug) to me at
 Visit facebook page to learn what you find now in progress, or to make a request for a feature, or simply ask a question.

 Lightning Launcher: The home screen, your own style!
 Enjoy it!

 - EXPAND_STATUS_BAR: as its name says, is used to display the status bar (status bar).
 - SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS: used to adjust the size of the background (wallpaper).
 - No other license is not required!

 Whats New:
 Revert changes related to widgets that fixed some problems on a few devices but created problems on many others.
 Bugfix only release (no new feature).
 It fixes a number of random crashes, hopefully fixes a problem with widgets not loaded after a reboot, and fix "show notifications" actions on Android 4.2.

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