Download Cargo Runner for iPad 2

Apple Released Cargo Runner game for iPad 2, which is developed by Trouble brothers LLC and available it’s at iTunes Store for US $4.99 only. The cargo runner is the beautiful designed world map by Trouble brothers. The object of the game is to captain a ship that must journey around the globe racing to gather cargo as you compete for valuable contracts that earn you victory.

There are total thirty cargo ports with six different type of goods Aerospace, Apparel, Coffee, Energy, Fruit and Lumber. Six home ports, each with a couple of contracts that need to be delivered.

Each level different with every goods contracts for delivered, Dice rolls determine movement and you bank what you don’t use. Every turn, there is a chance that bad weather or political crisis will impede your decision. Often, there will be Communique cards that will give you bonus opportunities.

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Download Cargo Runner Game

To download this game your should be iPad and it also requires iOS 4.2 or later, to store this game your device need 23.3 MB space.

Stay tune with us for more details on iPad 2 applications.

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