Youtube SEO Tips

Youtube SEO Tips

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YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing site in the World, millions of websites are using YouTube as a great traffic source and if you know a bit more about it then you can get . Because everyday it is getting billions of views. But there is only problem is most of us don’t know how to make your video top on the YouTube search or even in Google search. There are plenty of articles here about SEO, now it is YouTube SEO.

Most of the business owners are concentrating on YouTube because it is allowing a chance to show in search results and it has high authority ranking in Google. Instead of fighting with your competitor you can work a bit on the YouTube and you can get better results than your competitor.

youtube seo Youtube SEO Tips

That is the only reason most of the top brands are much more attracted towards YouTube, so how you can achieve this results for your videos ?. That is why I have ready this article, this article helps you in learning and improving your rank with this YouTube SEO Tips.

Youtube SEO Tips :Title tag relevance of the video – same concept as ranking for search engines. Title tag is very important on-site optimization ranking factor. Let’s see if this holds true for YouTube search ranking.Number of Likes and dislikes  – more likes show high quality video content, though this can easily be manipulated.Percentage of Likes to Total Views – a ratio of the total number of likes to the total number of views.Number of Views – A simple measurement of video popularity.Number of years since joining YouTube (for the video owner/publisher/creator) – the older the publisher on YouTube, typically the higher the reputation they have earned (though not always true).Total Channel Views for the publisher – a huge number of channel views indicates that the publisher is popular or has authority.Total number of subscribers – a better measurement of authority. A higher number of subscribers implies that the video creator is an authority and has good reputation.

So this is all about the ” Youtube SEO Tips “, let me know if you have any issues and suggestions in the comments section below.

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