XGear iPad 2 Smart Cover Enhancer

Apple ipad 2 Comes with case Cover for it and this is one of the best case cover we have seen till now, apple has made this case cover to save Screen of ipad 2,many of ipad 2 owners showing off how their Smart Covers automatically wake up the iPad 2 when opened, and put the iPad 2 to sleep when closed.

Apple ipad 2 case is not Completely Cover ipad 2,it’s just Cover ipad 2 Screen. it leave the entire back, edges and your iPad 2 mostly exposed. That is what XGear is attempting to fix with their new accessory.

smart cover enhancer 1 XGear iPad 2 Smart Cover Enhancer
The XGear Smart Cover Enhancer is designed to snap on to the back of your iPad 2, and it is compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover, which means you can protect both the front and back of your shiny new iPad 2.

It is offered in black or clear colors and is shipping right now for $34.99 (USD). This case would give me a lot more peace of mind that if I dropped my tablet it might survive than using a screen protector only like the Smart Cover.

You can Order one case Cover for your ipad 2 From Here.

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