Puller for Byline – Pull to Sync

For those of you who don’t know… I have a love hate relationship with the Byline application. Love because it is my favorite RSS reader application. Hate because, in my information craved state, I check the application FAR TOO OFTEN throughout the day! If it were not bad enough… I now have a hack that adds one of my favorite gestures to the application… “pull to refresh.” If you have been around AiS long enough, you know that I almost always install all “pull to refresh” hacks. You name it (Safari, Mail…) I most likely have it installed. So, in sticking to my “pull to refresh” hacking trend, I was overjoyed to see that there was a hack in Cydia that added this feature to Byline.

Simple and easy. Install the hack in Cydia, open Byline, pull to sync! So much more cool than tapping the sync button!

The app is instantly activated when you install it in Cydia. There is no icon or settings for this hack. To deactivate the hack, you would need to uninstall it in Cydia (or use SBSettings Mobile Substrate Addon feature)… but seriously why would you need to deactivate it! I had no issues when I tested the app. You can get Pull To Refresh Safari via the BigBoss source.

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