How to Transfer Your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad Files to Your Computer

****COOL LINKS**** Win a free iPod Touch here: Win a free iPad here: Win a 0 iTunes Gift Card here: Win a free iPhone here: Win a free MacBook Air here: ************************************************************** ***Text Tutorial*** 1. Download DiskAid here: 2. Once downloaded and installed, start the program. Then, connect your device to your computer with the sync cable. 3. Close iTunes if it starts up and make sure it doesn’t try to sync your device because it’ll erase your data. Now click on “Media” on the left side of the program. A box should pop up so just press “OK”. 4. Now you should see a bunch of other folders. Click on the one that says “iTunes_Control”. As you can see this folder will contain several other folders. 5. Click on the main “iTunes_Control” folder and press the “Copy to PC” button and then select the destination where you want the files to tranfer to. Or just click and drag the “iTunes_Control” folder to your desktop. 6. Wait until the process of transfering your files is completed, then once it is completed just close out of the program. Now you should have the “iTunes_Control” folder with all the other folders in it at the location where ever you saved it to. 7. Now disconnect you device from your computer. Then, open up iTunes. Once iTunes is open click on “File” and then click on “Add Folder to Library”. 8. A box should have popped up. Navigate to where you saved

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