How to Save SHSH blobs on ipad 2

Now you can backup your SHSH blobs File for ipad 2 with the Help of Tinyumbrella. An SHSH blob or ECID SHSH is basically a unique signature which is checked against Apple servers whenever you decide to restore the firmware on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once a new firmware is released, Apple stops signing the older firmware, hence making it impossible to restore back to the older firmware from iTunes. So, you must save SHSH Blobs file before updating to new version of ios.

tinyumbrella How to Save SHSH blobs on ipad 2

Now Here is Step By Step Guide to Save SHSH Blobs on ipad 2:

Step 1 : Download Firmware Umbrella from Here.

Step 2 : Launch Firmware Umbrella and plug your iPad 2 in.

Step 3 : Click “Save My SHSH” and wait for Firmware Umbrella to do the job.

Step 4 : Done! A copy will be saved to your computer.

That’s it your SHSH Blobs is saved Now and you can update to latest version of ios.

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