Deal of the Week: Keynotopia App Prototyping Templates Worth $120 for Only $40

Because we received a fantastic response when recommended deals for mobile developers in the past we thought we should do it on a weekly basis: so here’s the deal of the week – Keynotopia App Prototyping Templates Worth $120 for Only $40!

Basically Keynotopia makes it possible to design interfaces and create clickable mockups for web, mobile, and desktop apps in 30 minutes or less, without touching a design tool or writing a single line of code.

To prototype an app, simply copy and paste interface components from a Keynotopia template onto your slides, add hyperlinks to create interactivity, then export your presentation as a clickable PDF and test it on your mobile device, or send it to others for feedback.

It’s all done by using Keynotopia’s templates in either Keynote, PowerPoint or OpenOffice, transforming these presentation tools into the best UI design and prototyping tool.

The templates include over 2,000 native vector UI components, designed from scratch in each presentation tool, making them fully editable and customizable without additional tools.

You can also annotate and share your prototypes with your team members, instead of writing long spec documents. In addition, you could download the Keynotopia iPhone and iPad apps to preview and test your prototypes on these devices.

Keynotopia is used by thousands of designers and developers worldwide. It works on Mac, Windows, Linux and iPad. It’s also compatible with Adobe CS tools for importing graphics and importing screens, making the final prototype part of the production instead of throwing it away and starting from scratch in Photoshop.

Export and test your prototypes on mobile devices without doing any extra work. Simply save your prototype as clickable PDF and test it with users or send it to stakeholders to play with.

Annotate and share your prototypes with your team members, instead of writing long spec documents. Add comments and slide notes, then share it and get feedback via

Don’t throw away your prototypes when you’re done. Keynotopia and Adobe CS tools work well together. Copy/Paste seamlessly between apps, and export your final prototypes as PNGs to use the actual product.

All this is accomplished without learning any new tools or programming languages.

Watch the following 90 seconds video to see what’s possible with Keynotopia

Keynotopia in 90 seconds from Amir Khella on Vimeo.

The regular price for each Keynotopia bundle (consisting of 9 templates) is $40, but in today’s deal, you get all 3 bundles (Keynote + PowerPoint + OpenOffice) for $40 instead of $120. New components are added regularly, and all updates are free forever. You’ll also get all future Keynotopia templates for free!

See all the details and get Keynotopia now, while the stocks last! (expires June 13th, 2011)

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