Alaska Airlines to use iPad as Flight Manual

Alaska Airlines Going to Replace the Flight manual to ipad, now pilot can use ipad as Flight manual instead of paper Manual. Now ipad Hold the same data witch is available in paper manual so no need to waist paper Now ipad can do this task easily.

ipad flight manual alaska air Alaska Airlines to use iPad as Flight Manual

An app called the GoodReader lets pilots seek data quicker and easier than a flight manual would usually take. The GoodReader app contains PDF editions of 41 flight, aviation methods, performance manuals, reference cards, flight materials, and color graphics. Another interesting factor about the app is that by a simple tap on the iPads screen creates the ability to upload and update any type of flight information.

Here are some more details, courtesy of AlaskaAir:

The iPads contain an app called GoodReader that is loaded with PDF versions of 41 flight, systems and performance manuals, reference cards, and other materials. The electronic manuals include hyperlinks and color graphics, enabling pilots to find information faster and easier. Updating these reference materials can now be accomplished with one tap on the iPad screen instead of the former, labor-intensive process of replacing individual pages with new ones. The iPad is considered a Class 1 electronic device, meaning it is stowed during takeoff and landing under Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Alaska Airlines starting this From mid-June of this year, once all the pilot get there ipad.

Stay Tune with us for more Details, We will update you with more information.

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