Sony Rolly – Music Made Livelier

Sony is always known for its innovative inventions. Sony rolly is one such invention which can make music more lively. Music can be really fascinating when it  is accompanied with dance and lights. But, neither everyone can dance nor the few dancers can entertain music listeners always. But, this can be made possible with Sony Rolly. Rolly is a pretty egg shaped music player and is available in many fascinating metallic colors like white, pink etc. Rolly dances and rolls depending upon the rhythm of the song. It also radiates multi colored  LED lights, depending upon the mood of the song.


Rolly is provided with a choreography software with which you can make it dance any new movements which are not programmed in it. Certain moves are available as a software in Sony website which you can download and install in your Rolly. You can also assign a particular color flash light for each step. It also has Bluetooth functionality, with which you can play music streaming from any music device like cell phone, Computers, i-Pod etc. It saves the motion files with .mtf extension.

It is also provided with a G Force Sensor, which can deduct whether the rolly is horizontal or vertical. When it is vertical, the upper wheel controls the changing of tracks and the bottom wheel controls the volume. When it is horizontal, you can the use the corresponding buttons.

Rolly Specifications:

Bluetooth functionalityG Force Sensor (Accelerometer)2GB Flash memoryUSB ChargerMotion editor option3.7V 1560mAh batterySupported music formats: MP3, ATRAC, AACDimensions: 104 x 65 x 65 mmWeight: 300gRolly in action:

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