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If are searching for the sites which allow you to download free movies, videos, mp3, TV, series, games and text files, then General-Files is the great website. You can search for all these stuffs since it is a downloadable search engine as well. General-Files is one of the popular file sharing site.

Its major feature is its search engines which allow you to search for the required files online. By using this site, you can search for the files containing in other file sharing site like RapidShare, 4Shared, Fileserve, etc as well. Its search features is more advanced where you can search files by filtering file size and types.

You can increase your working efficiency by using General-Files. As other site, it allow you to upload your any files and share it to your friends.

You can also register new account at General-Files and start sharing videos, mp3, TV, series, games and text files freely. Within 2 steps that is search and download you can enjoy this site. With the motto "Files for Everyone" its going on very well and being popular day by day. Also, you can download videos for free!

This site is very helpful since you can search any file uploaded by using the popular file uploading sites on the net. In short we can say it is the general search engine for any files upload on the net.

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