Review of the Supertooth Disco Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re like me and you hate cables between your devices then I’ve found a new gem you will likely enjoy. Introducing the Supertooth Disco, a bluetooth speaker that can sync to any audio device with an auxiliary or Bluetooth A2DP. Since we are an iPhone site we tried it out with our iPhone 4 and were quite happy with the experience.

Now the device is great as I mention in the video for small parties when you don’t want to leave your iPhone or iPod next to the device. Though the sound was very clear in the video, it is only a 28 watt RMS speaker, so you cannot expect to have the same results in an outside environment. If you ever need to however, I went approx. 100 ft. from the device with my iPhone and it stayed synced! The battery life is also very impressive as I’m going on day two without the AC Adapter in and the speaker is still going strong. Here’s the official Specs from

-Internal subwoofer amplifier power 12 Watt RMS.
- Internal left/right audio power amplifier.
- Subwoofer speaker, using Neodyne high efficiency.
- Left / right full range speaker with parabolic membrane.
- Adjustable volume control.
- Optimal sound quality.
- MP3 / Mp4 connected by cable to line input stereo jack 3.5 mm

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