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Remember that super cool scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise pulls up files, videos, and just a ton of information on a motion sensing screen? I’m sure everyone that remembers the movie thought that scene was the single coolest conception of future technology since Star Trek. Thanks to the Qwiki iPad App, the day where information consumption meets super cool tech is upon us. If this movie is way too old (or just bad), you can watch the scene I’m referring to on YouTube.

Qwiki, a startup that’s looking to revolutionize the way we search and consume information, has released an iPad app that serves information the way the Qwiki founders believe information should be served. The Qwiki team believes there’s better ways to learn than search engine links or Wikipedia like articles. Instead, Qwiki is looking to combine the search power of Google, the knowledge of Wikipedia, and the interface from the future to accomplish the task.

In the Qwiki app, search for information and instantly get a quick 1-2 minute synopsis through image slideshows and a computerized audio playback of the topic. The app offers daily featured topics and information about your locale, but primarily serves as a search engine that displays results in audio and video playback mode.

The concept is very cool. But at this early stage, I can’t find much use for the Qwiki iPad app unless you have a seven year old son that you want to trick into learning about the Civil War.

Overall, the Qwiki iPad app is visually appealing and has all the bells and whistles you would want in a modern day app. But outside of being a great educational search and information discovery app, the depth of information is better suited for teaching young children and less useful exploring rich and detailed topics. To really explore a topic, Wikipedia is still your best bet.

Qwiki iPad App Demo Video

Qwiki iPad App Demo from Qwiki on Vimeo.

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