Microsoft Announces Mango Update, a New Version of Windows Mobile

Microsoft was supposed to announce its next major Mobile OS update today in a launch event at London but we have just got our hands on official press release by Microsoft Romania which states all the details about new major version of Windows Phone titled as “Mango”. This ends all the excitement of the launch event because we already know what features will be part of “Mango Update”.

Windows Phone 580x309 Microsoft Announces Mango Update, a New Version of Windows Phone

Mango will include 500 new features and the best thing about this update is that it would be available to all current Windows Phone handsets and it will be available to download at the beginning of this summer this autumn.

Below are the main features of Mango update:

Threads - Ability to switch between message, chat and Windows Live Messenger so you can do multiple tasks within same conversation.

Groups - Contact groups tiles on the start screen will help you to quickly mail or send IMs to entire group.

Social NetworksTwitter and LinkedIn contact integration.

Linked inbox - You can see multiple email accounts in one linked inbox. Conversations are organized so you can view the most recent mail.

Hands-free messaging - Built-in speech-to-text and text-to-speech will allow writing messages and do chatting without using your hands.

Connect App – It will connect apps to search results and they will be deeply integrated with Windows Phone Hubs, including Music, Videos and Pictures. Applications would be available when and where needed.

Live Tile - You can get updated information without requiring applications to be open. Live Tiles are now more dynamic and can store more information.

Multitasking – Applications can be rotated quickly and at the same time, others may run in the background, while retaining the performance and battery duration.

Internet Explorer 9 - A browser based on the powerful Internet Explorer 9 and including support for HTML5 and full hardware acceleration.

Recognize local (Local Scout) - Providing local results and recommendations for nearby restaurants, shops and suggested activities, present in a user-friendly guide.

Bing Windows Phone – More ways to search the Internet, including Bing Vision, Voice and Music Search, so that decision making is easier

Is there any other important feature which Microsoft missed in this Windows Phone update? Do tell us in comments section below.

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