Make Money By URL Shortening

Now there is a one more way to make money online. This time it’s URL shortening. Yes, you can earn money when someone uses your shrinked URL, that is shrinked via is a free URL shortening service with a good twist – helps you to make money. You can shorten the links which are very useful when text space is insufficient. Take Twitter as an example, the text space is limited to 140 characters. In this case you need a short URL, there comes the role of these URL shortening service.

Now whenever you tweet or promote in any other ways the links shortened via URL shortening service and when someone clicks on the link, you will make money. Sound’s very easy right? If my guess is right you will be thinking how you to promote the link shortened via, I recommend you to read their terms and condition before you choose a promotion method.


They say you can earn about $4.00/1000 visits. Whenever you refer a user they will see ads that are family-safe, and you will get 20% commission. will pay you, 50% of the revenue generated through advertisements displayed on the Service associated with your Account.

The payment threshold is very low so you can easy get your payment quickly. The payment threshold set by is just $5. So you can get paid for every 1200th visit to your URL(if they pay $4/1000 visitors).

Payments from are made through PayPal or AlertPay on first Monday of every Month. The minimum amount available for a withdrawal is USD$5.00 if the registration of the account was after 1st July 2009 or a previous withdrawal has already been processed. Otherwise the minimum withdrawal is USD$20.00.

You can consider as a good alternative URL shortening service to

Note: You must be a member at before you shrink and promote the URL. Hope this article was helpful.

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