Is White iPhone Thicker?

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When Apple announced white iPhone 4 a short while ago, we did not expect the device to be thinner or thicker than the regular iPhone 4. After all, Apple was only supposed to be offering the same device in a different color. It did not take certain blogs on the Internet to claim that white iPhone 4 is thicker than its black version. Apple’s Phil Schiller has denied that is the case:

It’s not thicker. Don’t believe all the junk that you read.

While we like to take Phil Schiller’s word on this, it does seem that the white iPhone is a tad bit thicker than the black iPhone. We are talking about 0.2mm additional thickness here.


So who are we going to believe? Apple’s executives or our lying eyes? In reality, the difference in thickness between these two models is not that significant. We are sure accessory makers do care about this development. At the same time, most iPhone 4 cases should fit your white iPhone 4.

What do you think? Is this just an optical illusion or something of that nature?

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