Double Dragon On iPhone: Still Fun After All These Years

Double Dragon was one of my favorite games when I was young.  While it's not particularly a game that interests me today, I just can't pass up the opportunity to grab the latest series remake for the iPhone.

Staying faithful to the original gameplay, the game has you traveling from left to right, section by section.  There are six levels in all, with each one exposing you to countless waves of muscle-bound thugs and a boss waiting at the end.  It won't take that long to finish (yes, it felt much harder when I was young), with some replay value provided by 24 unlockable characters and a Time Attack mode.

Double Dragon's control system works well (buttons could be a little bigger, though), with few misfires even with the game's button-mashing nature.  The more irritating part about the control is that it puts a large overlay on the screen -- obscuring parts of the scene and, at times, enemy positions. Graphics have been updated a tad with just a hint of retro, so it won't look too much like a simple port from a decades-old game.  There's also some depth to the fighting system, with new moves unlocked after gaining experience points.

While I've only played solo so far, the game offers a cooperative two-player mode over Bluetooth, where you can have two spiky-haired characters beating up goons just like the original retro version.  I do wish they added in a versus mode, even if it does detract from the game's origins -- beating up virtual characters can only get you so much jollies.

You can get Double Dragon for iPhone now, with an introductory price of $3.99.  We suggest getting it early, since the $7.99 actual price doesn't sound too sweet a deal.


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