Convert iPad 3G to iPhone with PhoneItiPad [Video]

Folks at iPhoneIslam have come up with an innovative hack that would surely bring joy to iPad 3G users. Now you can convert your iPad 3G into iPhone with a Cydia app PhoneItiPad.

phoneitipad mockup Convert iPad 3G to iPhone with PhoneItiPad [Video]

This app converts your jailbroken iPad into fully functional iPhone and let you make calls, send text messages and FaceTime. The best thing about the app is that you wouldn’t need any extra hardware.

The source of the app iPhoneislam is a pretty trusted source as they have come up with number of such hacks before. Although, this one seems like the best one among them.

PhoneItiPad app will be avialble in Cydia store soon. Exact release date is still unknown.

Below is the video uploaded by iPhoneislam showing the hack in action.

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