Can’t find your mouse cursor? Make it Bigger

It is easy to lose track of the black mouse cursor on your screen. This is true whether you have 20/20 vision or need bifocals to see your screen. Even if you can locate the cursor, you may have difficulty determining exactly where the cursor is pointing. Part of this is the fact that screen resolutions have become enormous compared to a decade ago or two decades ago. By fitting more desktop real estate on your screen, the mouse pointer’s prominence takes a back seat, often to the point of invisibility. Vivid colors on the screen can also camouflage the pointer’s whereabouts. Luckily, Mac OS X’s Universal Access system preference can help you out by making the pointer BIGGER.

To make your mouse cursor larger, follow these easy steps:

Open System Preferences, either from the Apple menu, your Dock, or the /Applications folder.Select Universal Access (it is in the lower-right portion of the System Preferences window).Once the Universal Access preference opens, click on the Mouse & Trackpad tab.Towards the bottom of this tab, you should see a line that reads, “For difficulties seeing the cursor.” Below this line, there is a slider. The slider’s range goes from “Normal” to “Large.” You can move this slider back and forth to grow and shrink the size of your cursor. Once you have found a cursor size that works for you, you’re all done, so you can quit System Preferences.

That’s it! Your setting for the size of the mouse cursor will remain intact even after restarting your computer. If you want to change the size later (or go back to the default size), you simply follow the same four steps above to reset it.

Did this tip work for you? Are there other ways (or other software you use) to deal with a lost cursor? Share your thoughts with others in the comments section.

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