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Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app

The most popular website among health awareness people just released it’s official Android App Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker. The app already has become very popular on iPhone/iPad and featured on “The Today Show”.

Calorie Count’s app is a free dieting tool that allows Android users to search and log nutritional data for over 200,000 foods, popular exercises and healthy recipes, as well as track their weight loss, all while on the go. The concept behind Calorie Count is to help people lose weight by providing a comprehensive calorie counter and nutritional analysis. If you have already a member in, nothing new to tell you how useful would be the app right on your palm. Below in the list of Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app key features:

 An easy-to-use graphical dashboard that allows you to navigate through the app while being able to quickly visualize your dieting progress.One of the most comprehensive nutritional analyses of food consumption against daily targets among calorie counting Android apps.The ability to quickly search and log more than 200,000 food items.Tools to view current and past food, activity and weight logs.Compare your intake and daily burn expenditure using our net calorie gauge The ability to record daily weight and view charts to measure your body’s progress against weight loss goals.Your CalorieCount Member account will be automatically updated whether you log information through a computer or the Android app.

Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app    Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android App was developed by unit9.apps
Package name: com.about.CalorieCount.apk
File size: 5.3MB

Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app v1.0:
Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android apk

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker is a Free Android App. To Download Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app head to Android Market link or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.

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